I feel immensely proud to say that Satyaniketan is committed to impart education and tribal empowerment since 1950. Satyaniketan was established for providing leadership in education and empowering the tribal community. I am really proud to be the President of this ideal Institution which has a sacrificial history of educationists and social workers R.V. Patankar, Bapusaheb Shende and Savitribai Madan who had dedicated their whole life for the welfare and well-being of tribal people of the region.

Satyaniketan has a rich and glorious tradition for imparting value education, grooming and nurturing man-power for last seven decades. It has set standards not only for other educational institutes but also provided guidelines for future developments. Today Satyaniketan is leading institutions in the tribal region of Ahmednagar District. The institution is committed to creating an ambiance for nurturing innovation, creativity, and excellence in. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Satyaniketan is leading on the path of success by leaps and bounds as well as playing a vital role in supplementing the efforts of the Government in imparting excellent education, tribal development, and women empowerment. All our High Schools, Colleges, Ashram Schools, Boys Hostels, Girls Hostels, Creche Centres have produced a very ideal social manpower. I wish the same and even better for them in the future.

Satyaniketan has done a very tremendous job for women in both social and educational perspectives. Short Stay Home is our ideal activity which has brought a glory in the life of women and girls, with a view to protect and rehabilitate them who are facing social and moral danger due to family problems, mental strains, social ostracism, exploitation or other causes. We not only aim to educate the women but to make them self-dependent, self-sufficient, self-defensive and help them in earning a respectable, equitable and dignified position in society.

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you to pursue your education with Satyaniketan. Your period of collegiate education here will be far more than a routine exercise of acquiring a degree. It is our belief that while academic knowledge is vital for progress, a great deal more goes into the making up of one’s personality. As you know, your personality is comprised of several facets and each of these needs to be developed in order that you may become a completely embellished person. We believe in providing a liberal environment for academic growth by using a learning-centric approach.

We assure personal attention, care and a healthy environment for the all-round development of the child. Performance is analyzed from time to time through examinations and group discussions. Modes of improvement are suggested and implemented vigorously with the help of a dedicated and well-qualified staff. A good rapport between students and teachers helped to encourage for effective teaching and learning. We strive at creating all round personality in our students professionally and socially. The holistic approach of Satyaniketan stimulates innovation among students, beneficiaries, and staff by inculcating fresh ideas with different insightfulness and firm conviction to achieve new heights. This will enable them to become members of a responsible and respectable learned community and help others to develop capabilities to manage processes of change so also the uncertainties in the present era of challenges.

Gandhiji had rightly said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I am confident that all our students, beneficiaries and staff are the volunteers of Satyaniketan. They will surely prosper the institution by following Mahatma Gandhi’s principles and by remembering the sacrifice of R.V. Patankar, Bapusaheb Shade, and Savitribai Madan. We should not let their sacrifice go waste.

My best wishes are with you. I believe that your endeavor will contribute to your own growth as well as to the development of Satyaniketan, society and the country at large… All the Best…!!!

– Adv. M.N. Deshmukh, President, ‘Satyaniketan’


Adv.M.N.Deshmukh’s Work-Pdf