Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas (Boys Hostel), Akole

सर्वोदय छात्र निवास, अकोले


‘Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas’ is an ideal Boys Hostels established in June 1950 by ‘Satyaniketan’ in Akole. Initially this Hostel was popularly known as ‘Koli Boarding’, later renamed as ‘Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas’. To start a hostel at Taluka level was really a challenge, but ‘Satyaniketan’ made it possible with an outstanding effort taken by Gandhian followers Late R.V. Patankar, Late Bapusaheb Shende and Late Savitribai Madan. Due to the poor economic condition and the remote location of their villages, the Rural & Tribal students could not able to continue their education. ‘Satyaniketan’ provided a perfect opportunity of Learning for such students.

The Hostel is managed by the full-time Superintendent and the assistant staff. It is financed on Grant-in-aid basis by the Social Justice & Social Welfare Department of Maharashtra Government with the approved capacity of 84 students. Each child in the Hostel is well looked after and individual needs are taken care of by Hostel administration. Free and nutritious meal is provided to the students. All facilities, as per government rules, are being provided to the students. Admissions are given with proper procedure and norms. Once the student is admitted in the hostel, he has to strictly follow the ‘Schedule Table’ as well as the rules and regulations. The hostel administration has good communication with the parents. ‘All-round development with discipline’ is the motto of the Hostel. Beside their academic improvement, the students are motivated to participate in different socio-cultural activities.

‘Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas’ is a perfect Home for Rural & Tribal students where ‘tolerance, honesty and integrity’ is developed.


Superintendent’s Desk

“The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

hase sd

It is said that “Great success requires greater sacrifice.” Really Satyaniketan’s ‘Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas’ is the result of the great sacrificial work of R.V.Patankar, Bapusaheb Shende and Savitribai Madan. It is my great pleasure to inform you about this ideal Boys Hostel. Keeping in mind the educational development of Tribal community, this Boys Hostel was established. The Hostel is situated at a very picturesque location. Continuous efforts are made for the development of students by encouraging them to participate not only in academic but also co-curricular activities to improve their personality and to reveal the hidden potentials of the students. ‘Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas’ is made available to the students with neat and clean accommodation, pure drinking water, hygienic toilet and bath facilities, warm and nutritious food facility. It is equipped with necessary basic facilities to make the staying comfortable. Television set is installed at the hostel for recreation among students. Frequent cultural programs are also arranged by the hostel administration. Students are encouraged to participate in Sports and Yoga. All the safety and security measures are taken into consideration and students are given free medical check-ups on regular basis. Let’s Progress…!

Shri. Hase S.D., Superintendent

Student Chart(June-2019)
5th 01 08 09
6th 01 08 01 10
7th 07 01 03 11
8th 01 13 05 02 21
9th 13 01 01 15
10th 02 08 01 04 01 16
Total 05 57 08 11 01 82



daily schedule

Daily Schedule

Activity Time
Morning wake up call 5 AM
Morning Study Session 5 AM – 6 AM
Prayer and Yoga 6 AM – 6.30 AM
Bathing and Dressing up 6.30 AM – 7.30 AM
Breakfast 7.30 AM – 8 AM
Study 8 AM – 10.00 AM
Sport Activity
10.00 AM – 10.30 AM
Lunch 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM
School Preparation 11.30 AM – 11.45 AM
Departure for School
11.45 AM – 12.00 PM
School Hours
12.00 PM – 5.45 PM
Cleaning Session
5.30 PM – 6.00 PM
Prayer and Yoga 6 PM – 6.30 PM
Sport Activity 6.30 PM – 7 PM
Dinner 7 PM – 7.00 PM
Entertaining and Relaxing
8.00 PM – 8.30 PM
Night Study Session
8.30 PM – 10.00 PM
Lights off
10.00 PM




Hostel Address & Contact

Sarvodaya Chhatra Niwas (Boys Hostel)

At/Post– Akole, Tal– Akole ,

Dist– Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, INDIA,

Pin– 422601.

Mob– 9689433342

email[email protected]